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    LinkedIn iPad app not exactly a native one.
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    05-09-12 07:09 AM
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    Well for web pages "apps" such as this it's only natural html5 is all it takes. But for what I understand as an "app" (taking app is just short for application) I believe html5 alone may not be enough.

    The question I ask is why bother turning a web page into an "app" and publish it to a determined app store rather than putting a version targeting mobile devices online . The web browser is the only app one really needs... The less apps I need to install the better.

    Has this become the new standard in advertising for web based services?
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    05-09-12 09:04 AM
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    The web browser is the only app one really needs...
    Oh really?, you must tell that to the whole software industry! apparently no one needs software other than web browsers anymore, the industry should have just stoped after the release of IE.
    05-09-12 10:01 AM
  4. joaosousa's Avatar
    You took that out of context (or maybe it got lost in translation... English isn't my native language).

    Companies now have this idea that a converted webpage is an app. For me a converted webpage is still just a webpage... not an app. For such kind of "apps" a web browser is all one needs. That's what I wrote.

    By no means do I believe a web browser can do everything (and I've stated such before here at Crackberry).
    05-09-12 10:12 AM