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    Bear with me, it takes a bit to explain...

    So I loaded up DDPD and grabbed a bunch of BARS from the 2 good sources I found.
    - https://accounts.google.com/ServiceL...heets&hl=en_US (from: http://crackberry.com/how-sideload-a...oid-app-player)
    - Another thread on crackberry that I lost the link to. Everybody was just pasting the links directly in the thread.

    Everything worked great, I was extremely impressed by how well everything ran in the android player and thanks to everybody who went through the effort to get us some sorely needed apps.

    I installed two IM apps because I am very disappointed with my $6.95 for IM+ on the PB, they were:

    1. IMO.IM
    2. IM+ Pro

    I gave my credentials to hotmail and gmail to both of them for msn and google chat.

    I got home from work today and logged into my gmail account from a laptop and I got a warning saying that my account had been accessed from a remote machine (see attached screenshot). I checked the time and it was approximately 6 hrs after I gave my login details to the IM apps, so that is definitely fishy.

    In the meantime, I've reset all my passwords. I think I should be fine just deleting the apps and not doing a security wipe. I am not rooted and I don't know much about QNX, but I don't believe the applications can interact with each other enough to make me scared (someone please correct me if i'm wrong).

    Here's the offending IP and domain they resolved it to here. I am going to do some digging into this in the morning but it is late now.


    Is anyone able to help shed some light on this?

    02-25-12 12:33 AM
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    Whew....looks like I am just paranoid.

    Here is some whois information on the IP. It lists Shape Services as the owner. IP Address WHOIS | DomainTools.com

    Shape services makes IM+
    IM+:All-in-One Messenger: Beep

    Not sure why IM+ would need to log into my account in the middle of the night with none of my devices signed in. I would prefer that the application communicate directly with google and not keep my credentials stored in their database god knows where.

    So, now to reinstall the BARs!
    02-25-12 09:51 PM