02-28-12 10:22 PM
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  1. ewakil12's Avatar
    Your PlayBook is the 64g one? Right why all plps with 64g PlayBook says that they don't have any problems there's something different? I was wondering bout it

    How u did your install u clean or just upgrade?
    Seriously guys I have so much issues with the new os..
    I tried to debrick once but the download of full os on bb manager never ends..
    I don't think that the 64BG PlayBooks are different than the others, maybe you just have to do a clean install. Wipe everything and restore manually all your info and apps. I upgraded via OTA, not ever wiped. Try a wipe and tell us the results.

    02-27-12 05:29 PM
  2. gethighadl's Avatar
    I can't find a usb for my bb pb I bought it used can someone lead me in the right direction
    02-27-12 07:06 PM
  3. JeffyPooh's Avatar
    The browser crash (at least the example page that I linked back on page 3 of this thread) doesn't seem to be related to memory. It's way too quick to crash and my Internet connection isn't that fast that it could fill up hundreds of MB of free RAM in a couple of seconds.

    No big deal. I'm sure it'll get sorted out with a few updates. I've seem similar bugs with the iPhone. PlayBook OS2 is pretty good.
    02-27-12 07:25 PM
  4. glamrlama's Avatar
    Thanks for link above. I have saved it to my home screen as "Implode" and copied it to my bookmarks folder. I use it when I need to close the browser while I am in the bookmarks folder. That's a feature baby!
    02-27-12 07:57 PM
  5. thecsman's Avatar
    This is something I saw appearing when OS2.0 was in beta stage. The PlayBook is a truly multitasking device, but at the cost of running of memory faster than semi-multitasking tablet competitors. I wouldn't be surprised if the next iteration of PlayBook comes with 1.5 or 2 gigabytes of RAM.
    02-27-12 08:02 PM
  6. byul's Avatar
    I can't find a usb for my bb pb I bought it used can someone lead me in the right direction
    02-27-12 08:04 PM
  7. kbz1960's Avatar
    Heck, ran all day today with no browser crash. I haven't had any app crashes yet.
    02-27-12 08:05 PM
  8. Darlaten's Avatar
    I haven't had any browser crashes with 2.0; the only thing that I did experience, for the first time today, is when I had my phone Bridged with my Playbook and tethered. I had a Word document open with Documents to Go; my Bridged Mail program open; and Blaq open.

    All of a sudden, the the phone was disconnected from the Playbook. This is not that big of a deal as I could simply reconnect. But what was happening, which is problematic, was my document - stored natively on the Playbook - closed down. The Word to Go program went black and a picture of a lock was displayed. I could not reopen the file until the Playbook was back connected to the phone.

    I double checked to ensure that the file was directly on the Playbook, i.e., stored locally, and not on the phone. That was confirmed. So I'm a little puzzled at why breaking the phone connection, i.e., no bridge/tether, would have any effect on Word to Go.

    It's the first time that this is happened so I'm not overly worried but will start keeping an eye out to see if there is any pattern developing to this.
    02-27-12 08:30 PM
  9. AlienSlacker's Avatar
    I haven't had a single issue. My best guess is because I dont run any android apps.
    02-28-12 01:07 AM
  10. OttawaGabe's Avatar
    Did the security wipe and restore, and now I've gone over 24hrs without a reboot but browser crashes are still a regular occurrence and App World needs to be restarted regularly to work.
    02-28-12 07:08 AM
  11. slivy58's Avatar
    I haven't had a single issue. My best guess is because I dont run any android apps.
    Like I said in my previous comment here, I'm running the stock OS2 W/O any add-ons whatsoever and my browser still crashes... Nothing appears to have changed much as that was one of my gripes/annoyances in the previous OS's.
    02-28-12 11:48 AM
  12. Michel Souris's Avatar
    There is a lot of speculation on this thread that the Android apps are causing the problem because they remain active once you've exited them.
    Actually, you don't need to kill apps on either Android (or the PB, as far as I know). After an Android app runs, it does leave a footprint in the OS, and that shows as the row of Android icons at the bottom of the player when you exit an Android app. The icons are not actually running and the very small amount of memory taken by them is instantly released to the system if it is needed. It is not necessary to kill them on Android. You CAN kill the residual footprint but it means nothing for the memory actually available for the PB (or Android device). It's the way Android works. The task killers on Android are totally unnecessary, but they make some people feel better using them.
    02-28-12 10:12 PM
  13. thoots's Avatar
    My browser has utterly evaporated several times since installing OS2. I've got NOTHING else running, I have NO android apps on the tablet, and I never have more than two tabs going -- and usually only one. Always while surfing the net via the bridge and my 9800.

    It's just that every now and then, "It's gone!" Never did any beta versions, just installed OTA on top of the last official 1.x release.

    There's some kind of eight-legged creature crawling around in OS2, that's for sure.
    02-28-12 10:22 PM
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