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    If this has been discussed elsewhere, I apologize but I tried to search for and didn't see anything so Im starting this thread.

    I love to listen to music, pretty much all day. I use my PB frequently - at times more then I use my BB and I was wondering if there is interest in a Shazaam app for the PB.

    Countless times I hear a song playing through the Nobex Radio app or on TV but I have to resort to using my BB phone to figure out what it is when I'd much rather use my PB, and directly play it on youtube etc etc .

    I don't currently own an iOS or android device so im not sure if those platforms have Shazaams apps available for tablet use but I think it would be awesome.

    What do you think????!!!
    02-27-12 11:53 PM
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    02-28-12 12:08 AM
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    Thanks for the bar!
    Im guessing they won't release a native pb app then?
    02-28-12 12:32 AM
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    It is a native app if you live in the usa or use a vpn to connect up to a usa based address, then you can download the american updates which includes blackberry video, blackberry music, shazam, youtube and twitter.

    Instructions here

    How to setup a VPN on your Playbook to get Blackberry Videos and Music | Good E-Reader - ebook Reader and Tablet PC News
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    02-28-12 12:48 AM
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    They included a native app like twitter for US customers?

    I didn't even know that lol! Thanks for the heads up.
    02-28-12 02:54 PM