05-25-11 08:43 PM
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    Here are some steps for beginners to get movies on your PB. DL on a computer to be sure you get it fast. Sorry if everyone already knows this, but it would have helped me get a movie on the PB faster if I had something like this.

    A Google search for "free mp4s for download" will bring up a BlogSpot site as the first result. Lots of movies, older and newer to choose from. Save to desktop as MPG4. Connect your Playbook to the computer via micro USB. DM auto loads from the PB itself and shows up as a network, not necessarily a removable drive. Click the network location for your tablet, find "videos" and simply copy your movie.

    These movies are low quality, the graininess is a result of compression and probably being formatted more for an iPod touch or PSP then anything. But I don't mind them being lower quality, they transfer faster and I can fit more on a 16 gig tablet. Five full length films, one of them two hours long, doesn't even take up half of my storage. I can't imagine similar results with HD quality.
    05-18-11 10:40 AM
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    Thanks for covering that Pk, didn't even notice that post.
    05-18-11 10:48 PM
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    How about classics like the Warriors (1979) or Sparkle. If you can get these it would be appreciated. Oh yea, Avatar would be nice
    05-19-11 08:22 PM
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    05-20-11 12:43 AM
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    Many many many thanks!
    Heres a few request:
    -The departed
    05-20-11 10:28 AM
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    a couple more.

    The American President
    05-20-11 10:32 AM
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    Thanks..just one more "SIN CITY" and/or in HD if possible
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    05-20-11 10:41 PM
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    @FTWrath, Can you please verify that MegaVid works on PB? Wasn't sure if that's what you meant by streaming

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    Yes it works. Though doesn't buffer as fast as watching from my desktop. But then again, I'm from the Philippines, home of the crappiest internet speeds.

    Aside from Megavideo, pretty much every streaming site I use works on it.
    05-25-11 05:51 PM
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    also, with megavideo, the display times out. i tried to watch a wonder years episode and had to get up every 5 minutes to wake up the playbook
    05-25-11 08:32 PM
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    I use the movies from here. Make sure you post a thanks to the OP as he does an amazing job with these.
    TS format or above looks fine on the PB.
    When I rip a movie from a DVD I used to use format factory but for some reason it couldn't seem to rip avatar. Now I use Aiseesoft and have great results. i use the Apple TV setting either 720 or to fill the whole screen i use the 1280 setting (but it takes longer and the file is larger, of course). Generally I will use handbrake on hubby macbook pro because his is so freakin' fast. here's the thing in reading these posts...i'm not decoding as a separate step so mebbe Aiseesoft and handbrake do it automatically.
    Either way my preference is to go to the forum above and get great movies or just rip them myself. At first I was all about the 1280 but then realized why take up the space? If I wanna show off the PB video capabilities i either show off my avatar dvd rip or go with the PB demo video (who doesn't love that turtle :-)
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    05-25-11 08:43 PM
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