06-30-12 04:08 AM
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    Yikes it really does search!

    But is it me - I put my pb down and notice it did not go into standby mode. Did it a second time and screen still stayed on. Is that a feature for playing media even if I was reading a website?
    Toggle "disable sleep" in the options.
    04-03-12 01:54 AM
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    This browser is pure awesomeness. Big improvement over version 1.0. Seriously no need to use stock browser anymore. I really like that you can tab on the left upper and lower corner of the screen and go to the top or bottom of the page instantaneously.

    I think there is a bug because when I click to reset setings to default my bookmarks got erased as well.
    Agreed on the Jump Buttons feature. It is very useful, especially on large web pages! KermEd, I bought Secure Browser and it has been my primary browser on PB. It's been fun to watch it get even better with each release. Great job!
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    04-03-12 01:59 AM
  3. bitek's Avatar
    Quick search term is very useful. There is really no need to use stock browser. I will import my pc bookmarks tomorrow
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    04-03-12 05:13 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    Toggle "disable sleep" in the options.
    Don't test late in the evening after the longest bike ride of the year - I looked over those darn options twice and missed it. THANKS.
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    04-03-12 08:58 AM
  5. KermEd's Avatar
    Don't test late in the evening after the longest bike ride of the year - I looked over those darn options twice and missed it. THANKS.
    Ah! Yeah I missed that question.

    I'm really bad for watching online videos (etc) so I hate the stand-by feature. Inversely, I have gone to a website, left my PB on, threw it in my backpack and wondered why my PB is hot & dead 8 hours later lol.

    HaTaX put in a feauture request for me to enable sleep-mode if the battery gets below 10% --- which I think is smart. But I have a bad history with timers so I haven't added it *yet*.
    04-03-12 09:56 AM
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    A few years back, I was using a gps program to track my hike. Unfortunately, we got, well, LOST. When I finally pulled out the bbphone it was totally dead. I suggested to that programmer, a timer or limiter to stop the logging at 10% to 15% power might be a good plan to save something for the phone in case of emergency.

    But I have not programmed much since the days of Cobol and dbaseII! So do what you can and within reason.
    04-03-12 11:10 AM
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    is there history in sb ? I could not find it

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    04-07-12 01:54 PM
  8. Snyder81's Avatar
    KermEd, any updates in the pipeline?
    06-27-12 01:52 PM
  9. meltbox360's Avatar
    Never used this browser but... it looks really nice.

    EDIT: I've been meaning to ask is the browser air based or does it have a custom back-end put together from webkit etc? I believe air since a custom put together back-end would be rather insane.
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    06-27-12 09:46 PM
  10. KermEd's Avatar

    Great question. Pipelines quiet at the moment because it seems stable. Any feature requests while its in planning stage?

    So far i have new favs system, improved dl and history tracking on the todo list. Only bug driving me crazy is an os2.1 bug where text box focus is lost on launch (so annoying).


    Thanks!! Yeah its all AS3. It is a crazy amount of code still. I broke it into about 18 modules, its about 9k lines of code (but really only 6k functional code). Ive been reviewing cascades but with no bbos11 until march/april 2013 - i hesitate to start building.

    But, AS3 is my skill set. So the browser feels almost native its dumb but i fell in love with these features last release.

    06-30-12 04:08 AM
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