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    Hi this is Dave from Golden Hammer Software and I'm introducing Scribble Worm for Playbook. It's a native game launching for $1.99 today.

    Scribble Worm is a drawing puzzle game with 48 levels. If you already know all the solutions it will take you about an hour to play through the whole game. They start off simple and build up from there with the later levels getting really challenging.

    The point of the game is you draw a shape for your worm, and it will repeat that shape as it moves. You try to make a worm that will make it from one side of the screen to the other to grab the apple on the other side. We then throw in obstacles like walls that zap you or walls that make you bounce and move them around. The shape of the worm, how long it is, and when you release it are part of the puzzle. There's also a 2 player mode where each player gets one side of the screen and they race for an apple in the middle.

    We've had a really good response to this game elsewhere with a 5 star average on iOS, 4.5 on Nook Color, and 4 star on Android. We think it's a great game (of course) even if not a lot of people have heard of it. This is also our second release after Big Mountain Snowboarding. We'll be porting both apps to BB10 as soon as we know some of the details on how to do that (we weren't at BBJam).

    You can find the game on the store here.

    05-03-12 12:34 PM
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    Good to hear that it is out.
    I will get it when at home in the evening.
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    05-03-12 01:36 PM