1. JSensebe's Avatar
    My first mobile game has just been approved for Playbook. Check it out!

    I will be updating it soon. The success of this $0.99 app will inform me whether or not the Playbook is a viable platform for bigger and better things.

    I'm really interested to find out what people think of my game. It's a port of a Flash game I wrote with added features, and it really works well with the accelerometer, much better than the mouse control the Flash version uses.

    In the game, you guide Takeshi the Ninja on his quest to balance cats on his head. Catch the cats as they leap through the air. Stack them high to increase your score. Avoid the bombs!
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    02-07-13 09:58 AM
  2. hytran's Avatar
    I love the use of Engrish. And maneki nekos

    Actually, I found it rather entertaining during my conference call.

    Is there a way to end the current game without losing on purpose?
    02-07-13 12:22 PM
  3. JSensebe's Avatar
    I'm thinking of adding that in the first update, actually. I was running close to the deadline (I was participating in a promotion) and didn't think I had time to fix any side effects from aborting the game in the middle.

    This is my first mobile app and I wasn't sure if I should risk updating anything until I knew for sure the app was approved. Now I can go back and add all the last-minute things I didn't have time for.
    02-07-13 12:32 PM
  4. JSensebe's Avatar
    By the way, what level did you get to? Things start to get really interesting at about level 4 or 5.
    02-07-13 06:01 PM
  5. hytran's Avatar
    I only had time to get through level 3. Looking forward to some downtime with it this weekend...

    Edit: BTW, perhaps give a little more "read time" for the fortune cookies?
    Last edited by hytran; 02-07-13 at 08:31 PM.
    02-07-13 08:19 PM
  6. JSensebe's Avatar
    That's an easy one. Added to the list.
    02-07-13 10:41 PM
  7. GV2012's Avatar
    Haven't checked out your game yet but congrats on your first!

    Now where is my cigar?
    02-07-13 11:22 PM
  8. JSensebe's Avatar
    No cigars, but in level 5, you can have a fish...
    02-08-13 07:59 AM
  9. JSensebe's Avatar
    Also, if you bought the game and enjoy it, take some time to review it on the App World. I am always open to constructive criticism... or blind praise.
    02-08-13 04:05 PM

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