1. dfaris's Avatar
    Is there anyone how can convert the Roboform apk so we can load it onto the playbook?
    You can get the apk file from the link below. I would do it but I dont have a clue on how to do it.

    Android Password Manager, Android Form Filler, Android Password Management | RoboForm for Android
    02-22-12 06:23 PM
  2. Mr Smith1's Avatar
    The way I do it is have a registered Android device. Even if you then sideload this one, the Roboform browser on Android is not the best. It would be interesting to try, I'll add this one to my long list of todos. Though Vault does not give the same function, it is certainly an extremely valuable tool to have on the PB.

    There is the Opera version of Roboform Lite, however I am a bit leery of the security model as it appears that a screen scraping tool could capture your master password in Roboform Lite.
    11-27-12 11:43 PM