1. FTWrath's Avatar
    I've been testing my Youtube Downloader App which was developed with the help of Keeper.
    Yesterday it worked perfectly fine, whereas today it will not open.
    I get the error message
    Javascript Alert
    URL is not allowed
    and then the app white screens and has to be closed.
    It seems RIM is blocking web based sideloaded apps.
    Obviously they can't block apps like Angry Birds which don't require an internet connection. But it appears they can detect apps accessing internet and block them... which it clearly is blocked.
    I attached the screen shot.
    The app is web based, and when loaded from Browser it works, just doesn't have the same exact features that it does when loaded from the Playbook (there is some customization)
    I attached a screen shot.
    06-13-11 07:04 PM
  2. c_86's Avatar
    hmm interesting... im sure youll figure it out
    06-13-11 08:52 PM