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    Looks neat!

    I'm looking for it now. I cannot justify a PlayBook for a $10 utility or actually using it in a life or death situation...but it's more like a hey, why not app.


    It’s simple, it’s straightforward, but, somehow, the Ridgid level app for the BlackBerry PlayBook just strikes us as very cool.

    It’s an app that turns the PlayBook into a carpenter’s level – that tube with liquid and a tiny bubble that, when it’s set on an even plane, sits right in the middle of two black lines right in the middle (see photo).

    Ridgid measures the degree of horizontal angle, vertical angle and diagonal angle, and also offers a camera that provides an image with a cross-hair that allows you to snap a perfectly level photo. Ridgid also let you “freeze” results, and calibrate results.

    One feature also allows for “sound” to be turned on, to provide a shrill beeping sound until the PlayBook is sitting at a level position. (We turned that feature off pretty quickly, though.)

    On top of all that, it’s a free app, too, from the BlackBerry App World store.

    If you’re in IT, this could be helpful when installing servers or appliances into a rack, for example, or installing signage.
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    Ridgid is one of the GREAT free-be apps! A "Must Have" even for the fun of it.
    05-26-11 08:51 PM
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    Just downloaded. Great and free.
    05-28-11 09:41 AM