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    Hey Everyone,

    If you are in financial services this app is for you. Reuters insider provides partners with 150 financial information providers (Roubini, Nomura, S&P, CNBC, etc.).

    My buddy just showed me this app and I installed it immediately. I love keeping up with financial information. It is probably going to become a main news source for me.

    THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN A T.V. CHANNEL IMO because unlike a T.V. Channel that gives you what they want on their schedule it allows you to search what you are interested in. You can share and discuss articles with others and it even has a streaming watchlist/filter for topics you are interested in, such as the European Crisis.

    Great video, great reporting, just a great app.

    You will need a corporate e-mail tough. So yahoo and others won't work. The app is reviewed by Reuters and it takes a day or two.

    Go Playbook!
    12-12-11 11:56 AM