1. MuruXD's Avatar
    I have a request for those with Blackberry Presenter (the item).. and are also going to buy the PB...

    I would like to know if it is possible to get the Presenter working with PB?
    04-16-11 05:11 AM
  2. miketko's Avatar
    Not sure what your asking here?

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    04-16-11 07:39 AM
  3. MuruXD's Avatar

    watch after 2 minutes...

    i was thinking.. instead of using a Blackberry Smartphone.. will you be able to use the Playbook to show on a screen?

    and no.. our projector does not have HDMI...
    04-16-11 07:56 AM
  4. loonix's Avatar
    04-16-11 08:22 AM
  5. dcscott's Avatar
    I would also like to see the Presenter work with the Playbook. I'd also like to see it work with the Torch. Most everyone in my company has a Torch and several will be buying PB's so I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a Presenter and keep in our conference room.
    04-17-11 03:47 PM
  6. jimpilot's Avatar
    I could use this too. After reading about it I got one off of ebay also.

    I have my fingers crossed it will work one day with the PB.
    04-17-11 06:00 PM