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    Hey everyone, new to the Playbook but have been looking into deploying a tablet for work, but really trying to avoid the ipad. See, I am in the auto repair industry and would like to utilize a tablet to write up a repair order and then have the customer sign the screen to authorize work. I guess it's all about being green(no papertrail) and showing that you embrace technology. If you have a state of the art front end then people perceive that we use(even though they don't see it directly) state of the are equipment when working on their $100k+ cars. I think there are downloadable templates for MS Word, but didn't know if there are any other options. Thanks everyone for any input you can offer, searching Appworld and Crackberry didn't yield much.

    06-21-11 07:25 PM
  2. drethos's Avatar
    a reciept app like that doesnt exist for the playbook yet. you would think someone would make one, i would grab it but it would have to have a print feature that doesn't quiet exist yet. as a plumber, most of my customers dont understand green or technology. so emailing the receipt to them wouldnt work. but atleast if it could be printed they would be able to read my receipts, i got bad hand writing :P

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    06-21-11 07:38 PM
  3. Zach7's Avatar
    You could create an excel document for your orders and keep the template on the PB. I haven't seen any repair apps yet.
    06-21-11 07:39 PM
  4. nick 55's Avatar
    That's kind of what I was finding too. Thanks for the help! I would really like to utilize this because most of my clients are business people that already have Crackberries and the less paperwork they have to carry or collect the easier it is to come see me. A small business app that you could use to photograph invoices, enter data to Quicken, and write repair orders for customers that can be emailed would be awesome. I'm just not that savvy with non automotive computer work myself.

    06-21-11 07:51 PM