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    Sorry I don't have the link, bloomburg reports red box plans to compete with netflix. Starting with a streaming service through Verizon.
    Maybe we can hope they will give PlayBook and BB10 some Consideration.
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    09-22-12 12:28 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    would be nice, and welcomed.
    09-22-12 12:46 PM
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    You might want to correct the spelling in the title from Verison to Verizon
    09-22-12 12:48 PM
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    DARN galaxy note swift key
    09-22-12 01:06 PM
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    In the near future Bell in Canada, will be providing streaming services. Rogers has on demand already. Comcast in the US will also be getting in to the game as will more and more. Netfix has to pay for rights to distribute, others already have the rights they just need to get into the game and when they do Netflix days are number.. You can already get allot of tv shows free on broadcasters websites.. I have no need for Netfix and don't think I ever will.
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    09-22-12 05:22 PM
  6. madman0141's Avatar
    I hope they do come to the Playbook that might help some of the members who got PlayBook to watch movies. I mean to stream videos.
    09-22-12 06:25 PM
  7. diegonei's Avatar
    My cable provider has an online streaming service totally free of charge BUT the morons decided to use Silverlight instead of HTML5.

    So well... I know I won't be using this service you mentioned but do advocate against Silverlight if you guys want it on the PlayBook.
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    09-22-12 06:55 PM
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    Awsome!! !! !!
    09-22-12 09:02 PM
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    I've never had a problem finding movies to stream on PlayBook. Actually I just finished watching Avengers with the PlayBook hooked up to the big screen. Love this tablet
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    09-22-12 10:48 PM
  10. herculesinwyoming's Avatar
    All the above points are true, yet i think most average buyers want an app from a well known company. People are tend to be lazy and they want a easy few taps on the screen and the huge selection is right in front of them.
    09-23-12 11:12 AM
  11. Dapper37's Avatar
    Competition is a good thing
    09-23-12 09:35 PM