1. voodoohotdog's Avatar
    Long time reader, first time poster.

    32 playbook OS since last update been getting message: "recipient is outside your work domain". Seems stupid to ask, because message seems to send, but really darned curious if anyone else has seen this.

    Thanks in advance

    02-17-13 10:27 AM
  2. hutch0707's Avatar
    It was in the previous release of playbook OS as well. Not sure when it began to appear as I just ignore it since it does not affect me sending or receiving emails. I use playbook for work all the time so no issues thus far with mail.
    02-17-13 01:09 PM
  3. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    Is your Playbook setup with the company Mobile Fusion/BES10 server? I.e do you have to 'unlock' a work partition to access your email etc?

    This feature is a warning to make you check you are addressing email to the right address... I.e I have both my bosses work and private email address. In this case it would warn me I've been stupid enough to choose her personal rather than work email.
    02-18-13 01:38 AM
  4. Amanda Pavey's Avatar
    I have also received this warning whilst replying to a job application email, I haven't sent the reply yet as thought I should find out what the warning meant first. I'm glad to hear it shouldn't affect my sending the reply, but would still like to know why the warning message comes up in the first place! Any answers gratefully received!
    11-26-13 11:08 AM

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