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    Hi, first post in this part of the forum, jst wanted to know if there are any good recipe apps available for the playbook? Saw on my cousins ipad that she had a jamie oliver app, and some other one. Just wanted to know if there is something similar available for the playbook? Thanks
    12-05-11 01:39 PM
  2. darin3000's Avatar
    Hi....Appworld has one by "President's Choice" that is good. as well, if you happen to be on OS 2, Epicurious from Android is a very popular one.
    12-05-11 01:52 PM
  3. glennster28's Avatar
    Cooklet is a nice one. Looks optimized and designed just for the PB.

    I also use Evernote to store my recipes though that I come across online... just a personal preference
    12-05-11 01:59 PM
  4. kmcobra64's Avatar
    There is a very basic one called "recipe tracker" that I use. "Cooklet" is a little more involved and I haven't figured it all out yet but it seems pretty good.

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    12-05-11 02:02 PM
  5. Schecter006's Avatar
    Thanks a lot! Think am going to give cooklet a try, reviews look good
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    12-05-11 02:45 PM
  6. frisco49ers's Avatar
    i just use allreceipe.com thru browser
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    12-05-11 02:49 PM
  7. Alt-F4's Avatar
    Yea the presadents choice app has alot of recipes that you can make with substitutes if you dont have a store that sells PC products obviously but I would just add a weblink to some online recipe sites if you plan to be around wifi when cookin

    oh and welcome to crackberry
    12-06-11 01:25 PM
  8. Schecter006's Avatar
    Thanks, started using evernote so long as it has other uses for me, but come christmas morning will try the some of these and see what fits best with my needs! Luckily my student house has uncapped wifi, so that shouldn't be a problem

    Thanks for the welcome!
    12-06-11 01:34 PM
  9. greatwiseone's Avatar
    Cooklet's awesome. Shows what you can do with Adobe Air...
    12-06-11 01:39 PM
  10. Lhendr's Avatar
    Hi and welcome!

    I tried cooklet and thought it was ok I am liking Allrecipes.com though.
    12-10-11 04:54 PM
  11. Fubaz's Avatar
    i wish icookbook would come out for the PB.. i loved it for my touchpad
    12-11-11 12:23 PM
  12. Serkle K's Avatar
    i downloaded cooklet, but is there something to allow you to better manage recipes you already have?
    12-11-11 12:50 PM
  13. Galaxysurfer's Avatar

    Here is one I just discovered. Free Online Cookbook - How to Create Your Own Private or Family Recipe Box No app but just log into website. I like this one over Cooklet in that you can keep recipes private since sharing commercial cookbook recipes is a copyright violation. You can pool all your most used recipes from various sources into a single location.

    02-04-12 06:28 PM
  14. ajjamoore's Avatar
    I too have been looking for a nice recipe app to store my own in. So I looked at this post and the recipe tracker app and decided to email the developer Mobile Reason. I just got a reply back tonight.

    Looks like good news and will possibly make it the best recipe box app out there if all you want to do is store your own.


    From: Mobile Reason <mobilereason@gmail.com>
    Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 18:00:15 -0700
    To: Andrew
    Subject: Re: Recipe Tracker

    Thanks for the feedback. Based on your feedback here are the changes that we have made and are uploading to Blackberry App World in the next 2 days.

    - We will be adding additional categories to the application. Editing of categories will be in following update
    - We will be adding sorting alphabetically.
    - Email recipies will be in following update.
    - Search by recipe name/category/ingredient/all has been added.

    Thanks for your feedback. Please rate our apps and continue to provide feedback.

    Mobile Reason.

    On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 7:10 AM, Andrew wrote:
    I noticed that people are saying they want to see categories and the ability to sort alphabetically in the app for playbook. Are these functions being developped?

    Mobile Reason
    03-12-12 11:03 PM