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    I love using A Perfect Viewer on Android, and on my Z30. So I am desperate to get it working on my Playbook (so I don't have to use my Android tablet). But when I put the APK through PlayBook .apk to .bar converter it doesn't work. It gives an error that says "nto-armie-v7 native library is not compatible with this version of Perfect Viewer. Do you want to download new version?" Not sure what this means. Does it mean no version will work with the Playbook. Or is there an older APK that might work? Are there sites that keep older APKs for DL?
    All the comic viewers (CBR/CBZ) that I've tried suck, and the ones I haven't seem to have bad reviews.

    --A Simple Comic Viewer is the worst app I've ever used on the Playbook. Beyond basic, and incredibly slow. No features.
    --The free version of Comic Rack is not bad--except for the frequent crashes.
    --Comics in BBW has good reviews over all, but the most recent ones suggest it stopped working and has not been updated anymore. So I am not going to pay $4 for that.

    So back to A Perfect Viewer. Any way to try out an older version that might work with the Playbook?

    Thanks for reading.
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