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    I pulled my status bar down about 30 min ago and saw I had an update waiting. It's 3mb like the one before but it only says 2 when installing (Reboot will be required) None of the app versions seem to be updated (build, OS Version, flash, air... all the same). No obvious improvement. I'm in New York with a 16gb. So what are these updates and what r they supposed to do? Second time we've had these updates; my guess is there messing with trying to get it to connect to the NOC properly, because they're gonna have to do that before native email comes.
    06-01-11 04:43 AM
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    What's the version number? If it's the same as what you already had then it's likely just replacing one of the standard (native) apps you may have deleted.
    06-01-11 04:50 AM
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    For me it's still 1868 and no update is available for me as of 2 min ago. Location is Switzerland.
    06-01-11 04:55 AM
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    Oh that makes sense. Like I said same Version number and build, I did just delete some native apps. I think your right thank you.

    Sorry for the false alarm!

    Mod: please edit title to avoid confusion
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    06-01-11 04:59 AM
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    06-01-11 05:58 AM
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    ^^Ha Ha good one!
    06-01-11 07:24 AM
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    Are we going to keep getting a new thread every time some user gets a "deleted app" update?
    06-01-11 07:31 AM
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    06-01-11 07:33 AM
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    Not a real update, closing to prevent any further confusion.
    06-01-11 07:35 AM