1. snuci's Avatar
    I am trying to get rid of my laptop but I do development and need to access a PC with a server on it and applications for development (IDE) that needs a good screen size. What I need is a better VNC/RDP app to do it unless one is out there.

    The current aVNC is good but it outputs to the Playbook screen and scales all output to the Playbook screen resolution. What I need is a VNC or RDP client that optionally outputs to HDMI as a means to actually work with a desktop screen of high resolution (1920x1080). The best way to do this is for the client to bypass the Playbook screen at 1024x600 (blank it out?) and output straight to HDMI. Since some apps like the video player can do this, I'm assuming it's part of the API?

    I'd like the environment to be HDMI output to a screen, bluetooth keyboard and mouse (with right click ability).

    Does something exist or is it in the works?
    03-21-12 07:02 AM
  2. rkennedy01's Avatar
    I agree that this would be awesome functionality to have, especially in an RDP app. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any PB remote access apps that provide this functionality. Also, I wouldn't assume that the full-scale HDMI output option is generic to all apps - it may be specific to video playback.

    Perhaps you should ping the author of Remote Deskop for PB and see if he has any ideas or would be willing to consider such an option (if possible).

    Regardless, a great suggestion - hope someone picks it up and runs with it...

    03-21-12 09:43 AM
  3. canuckvoip's Avatar
    Not sure about the screen/HDMI question, but the Citrix reciever with the upcoming keyboard will give you the right click joy...
    03-21-12 10:41 AM