1. Rooster99's Avatar
    We have a Terminal Server at work that I need to log into. From my desktop I use Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection.

    Is there a Playbook app to do this? I tried Splashtop and it seems to be just a remote control app like gotmypc.com.

    TIA - R.
    01-15-12 06:57 PM
  2. zorecati's Avatar
    I am right there with you. I know there are RDC apps for android so I am hoping that we'll have access to some of those when os 2.0 is released. Right now, VNC is pretty much it.
    01-15-12 07:15 PM
  3. Rooster99's Avatar
    Thanks for the pointer, zorecati, will look into this.

    Anyone else?

    - R.
    01-16-12 12:59 PM
  4. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    As of date, if you have the OS2 beta, you can sideload Android's Remote RDP enterprise that works perfectly with simple RDP protocol. I use it quite often and it's pretty efficient. Warning: so far it does not work with bridge: you need a wifi access point.

    I've been trying (AppWorld) Splashtop Remote Desktop, but I must admit that I preffered -by far - Remote RDP, as :
    1/ The screen resolution/management seems to me far better
    2/ Splashtop requires that (as VNC and numerous others) you install a client on your PC.

    Of course, when OS 2.0 becomes official, I don't know if Remote RDP will come in app World and how it will perform then ... but I'm pretty confident !

    Hope it helps.
    01-16-12 01:27 PM
  5. anon3969612's Avatar
    I use RDP Enterprise from my PB running the OS2 beta as a sideloaded android app as well.

    Superfly is correct, you can't run it over bridge, however I find you can connect outside of WIFI if you tether your phone. Works perfectly in this configuration.

    However, it is no longer listed as a .bar file on the meta spreadsheet... only as a paid app. I really hope it makes the Android app list for OS2... I use it frequently.
    01-16-12 04:42 PM