11-22-11 10:11 AM
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    Purchased RDM+ for the Playbook on Friday and finally got it working. (As others have noted, the turn around time for registration confirmation for the free desktop client seens to be days rather than minutes, at least in some cases.) So far, my impressions are:

    Provides what it claims in terms of remote access to a PC
    Reasonably fast, at least with a good wifi connection
    Most features are easy to use
    No need to understand firewall configuration, port forwarding, etc.
    Works well for desktops with dynamic IP addresses
    Claimed security is good, IF it really is implemented as described

    Installation is simple, but initial setup can be a bit confusing
    An installion guide is available but there's no real user guide
    The server-in-the-middle design obviously makes some people nervous
    If the Playbook version supports desktop-to-Playbook file transfer, I haven't figured out where to find it

    Overall, I find RDM+ to be well worth the $9.99 US I paid for it. It's handier than VNC for those systems I need to access remotely that have dynamic IP addresses, and the UI and performance are both good. The biggest areas for improvement (IMO) are a good user manual and desktop-to-Playbook file transfer (or, if it already exists, make accessing it much more intuitive).
    08-07-11 11:17 PM
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    Bare with me YET AGAIN! Can you elaborate on that? What are the missing features or what is it that it does not do so well?
    Its only the "remote control" part, but then again, thats what most people were waiting for.

    With the smartphone you have 3 options for manipulation, desktop (shows full desktop), files and system. With the system part you can send console commands, view open windows by process and close them, check drives info, view active processes and kill them, view windows services and stop/start them, view system info and hardware info and remote shutdown/reboot, all that without having to show the full desktop of the remote machine. With the files part you can browse, download, and upload files from and to the remote machine, do file operations (copy,paste,move,create folder), basically a remote file manager for your computer, you could even setup a file server at home, and download/upload files as needed, no desktop showing needed again.

    The playbook version is missing the files and system functions. In addition, when showing the full desktop (remote controlling) the smartphone version has more hotkeys and combinations.

    As previously stated, RDM+ uses a video hook driver. It will probably throw down any aero transparency settings (if windows) and revert to the basic aero theme, even if you have a powerful graphics card.

    If no speed comparison has been done by sunday next week, i will try to do one comparing RDM+ from the playbook vs aVNC or IMT VNC paired with tight vnc on the computer, over 3G and wifi.
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    08-07-11 11:26 PM
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    Did you touch the GM input box on your PB screen before you entered the text? It sounds like you figured out to hit the "T" button to be able to enter text, but I think you need to use your touch screen first to let the program know where the input gets applied.
    Thanks! I finally got it working. I had been touching the GM input box but it seems to work better for me if I also hit the single-click button before hitting the "T" button. My real confusion was which button to hit once I finished typing my text. It seems that the button which everywhere else means "Send Email" means "Send text you just entered to remote computer..."

    Now that that's resolved I really like the ap. I had been using aVNC but this seems much easier.
    08-08-11 12:28 AM
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    I have been waiting now since Thursday for my registration to go through. I have purchased the app just need that to get up and running.
    08-08-11 08:54 PM
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    The only thing you need to take into account is whether or not your company IT team will allow you to install the RDM+ Desktop app. If they are cool with it then you should be able to do anything you need to do, short of streaming media..

    Not sure why anyone in this thread would have expected that to work very well.
    Don't see how this is any different than VNC apps. You have to have the VNC server installed. A big no-no in most secure enterprises.
    08-16-11 12:50 PM
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    Don't see how this is any different than VNC apps. You have to have the VNC server installed. A big no-no in most secure enterprises.
    Agree 100%.. Have to have special server software installed for either VNC or RDM+ to work properly..

    That is one reason why so many are waiting for a pure RDP solution since Microsoft includes the RDP server in many versions of Windows.
    08-16-11 02:34 PM
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    My main reason for getting this app was to use iSeries Access for Windows. I could not get RDM+ it to send text to my AS/400 5250 client.

    If only it allowed the playbook keyboard to work without inputting into their text box. Then it would have been worth the $10 I just wasted.

    11-22-11 10:11 AM
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