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    Last night I noticed that on the "Featured" tab RIM is advertising "2 free games from BlackBerry". While this isn't news, if you click on the link and look at the games both Modern Combat 2 and Asphalt 6 are now selling for 0.99$ even though the 'ad' beside them states "2 free games".

    Come on RIM. A little attention to detail would be nice. I expect better from RIM. I sent them an email last night to advise of this oversight and today i received a reply stating "sorry we are unable to assist you" with this problem. Does anyone have a contact or know someone who can get this fixed ? It just looks bad and right now optics are everything.

    Thanks, CDM
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    04-24-12 01:48 PM
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    And now a full day (just over 24 hrs) RIM still has not fixed this oversight.

    Kevin, Blaze, Michelle, Matt do any of you have names of RIM employees on this forum ? I know they are here, lets ask them to send it up the chain for us.

    04-24-12 08:31 PM