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    Hey everyone! Here's my initial review of Rail Maze! It's free, so you might aswell give it a go. There are two modes of play, and it has the overall physics of one of those pipe games, where you have to get water or slime or electricity from a start point to an end point.

    In the Labyrinth mode, you unlock levels by completing the previous one. The clock starts, and you have to rotate sections, or choose directions of sections of track to get your train to the end. Once you're ready, you can press the play button, and the train departs, running along the track to the end point if you've oriented everything properly. The game records your level time, and your overall time, both of which can be improved upon.

    In the Build Railroad mode, you can play on the levels you've unlocked in the Labyrinth mode, this time with the goal of collecting all the stars along the track in the least amount of time. You're given TNT to dynamite sections of the track you'd like to rebuild, and you're given a selection of new sections you can place almost anywhere. The train departs, moving slowly as soon as you enter the level, so not only are you trying to achieve the lowest time and collect the most stars, you have to race against the train's progress aswell.

    The game has a cowboy feel, in look and sound. The game play is easy, solid and responsive. The feel is one of quality, and not of amateurish production, or a cheap android port. It's a very nicely made game, that could maybe do with more achievements and unlockables. Maybe even a calming sandbox mode.
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    11-23-12 08:53 AM

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