08-16-12 10:25 PM
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    Hi again,

    Thanks again for adding the channels that I suggested.
    There is a problem with 2 of them though. When you have time to look into it...

    Firstly, CISM won't play with the link in the app. The window requires the player to open in a pop up window. I don't know if your app can solve this...
    If not, an alternative solution would be to link to this page, where they keep downloadable archives of all their recent shows : CISM 89,3 FM la marge La rfrence alternative Montral - [ Liste des missions ]

    Secondly, the Radio-Canada link that the app uses leads to a page asking to download and install Silverlight.
    This link would be better : http://www.radio-canada.ca/audio-vid...t/premiere.asx

    At least, these two links work in the stock browser.

    Thanks for all the efforts.

    And whats the big idea of segregating French content from the whole Canadian experience on this little app? Its the ghetto? You wouldnt want to stumble accidentally into a French channel, would you? And I thought all we Canadians formed one great happy nation

    Thank you for bringing this up. I will take a long into this. I think this may be the reason that I excluded the university channels in the beginning. Preimere Chanel will be fixed. The order of the channels are added in the order I added/found the channels thats why it is in that order. I assure you Randy Cunneyworth had no input in the order which orders the stations were submitted in . (And if you didnt get that joke, you're probably not from montreal )
    08-16-12 10:25 PM
51 123