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    Dear CB members,

    I have a quick question here. I am about to receive a new 64GB PB (upgrading from 16GB which I will give away to my special other) and I bought a bunch of apps using my own app world account. When I log in to my app world account on my new PB, would I still retain the rights to reinstall the apps without paying them again?

    As a follow up question, does that mean only one playbook can use one app world account in the sense that I have to pay for the same app twice for two different PBs? Is there a certain way I have to deregister my 16GB PB that was associated to my account before I can use my 64GB?

    Thank you in advance.
    12-18-11 12:36 AM
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    you can simply log in on the new playbook when you do the setup. you'll be able to redownload. when i upgraded to 64 from a 16, i backed up and did a restore of all my apps. then i wiped the 16 and during setup my gf logged into her account. that was that. i didnt try using two playbooks with one account. if im not mistaken, if you log in appworld with different pins after a few times, your account will be on hold. read that somewhere else on CB. mechanism for using one license of app on multiple devices im guessing
    12-18-11 12:52 AM
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    I suspect that the older unit would retain the apps until it is registered to a new bbid. To change the bbid, I believe a security wipe is necessary which would remove apps in the process.

    It is not much different than any computer program - one version works on one computer (with the exception of desktop and possibly a laptop second version for the one price).
    12-18-11 08:50 AM
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    thanks guys
    12-18-11 12:43 PM
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    I'll shamelessly link to my answer to this in a previous thread:


    You can use up to 5 PBs on the same BBID account in AppWorld. One PB will be tagged as the "active" PB, but you can switch between the PBs as often as you like.

    You don't have to de-register, or wipe/delete Apps on your "old" PB, just enter your BBID in AppWorld on the "new" PB and you'll see all your existing Apps on the "uninstalled" tab... just hit re-install and you're done. You'll have the same set of Apps on each of your PBs.

    You may have to pay again if the price of the App has changed since you installed on the original PB.


    Mods: Needs a sticky I think. 3rd or 4th time I've seen this question asked. And Santa will be sure to be bringing lots of good boys and girls another PB - so the number of multi-PB households will increase.
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    12-18-11 01:08 PM