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    This was in the newbie thread but didn't receive much response, so i have created a seperate thead - hope that's ok.

    If answers to my questions below could be included in the Newbie Sticky
    I think that would be most beficial.

    - Can you install an Android App converted to a BAR file on a NON-rooted Playbook?

    - Is there a guide for installing Android Apps?

    - How do converted Android Apps run? Do they launch as if native?

    - Is there a guide to rooting, with why you would do it, how stable is it, are Blackberry able to block roots over the air?

    - Can a Android App download directly? I.e. if I manage to install Amazon Mp3 App will it download mp3s direct to the Playbook?

    - What are "web apps" is this just using a website?

    - Is a movie store app available, either Android or Blackberry, so that I can download or stream movies/TV shows, like Amazon Instant Video? (I'm aware that blackberry are meant to launch one). I have searched the forum and only found links to not so legal sites, or people suggesting

    Thanks so much
    01-03-12 04:57 AM
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    My 1st post - hope it's not a load of junk...

    I can confirm that .bar files can be loaded onto a non-rooted PlayBook running OS 2.0 beta. I know this because I've done it.

    There are several guides - on here and elsewhere - Google it!

    DDPB Installer is the package on you PC to transfer .bar's over, which you can find again via Google.

    You need an android launcher on your PB to see the android screens and apps, but you can launch them directly off the PB home screen (via the built in QNX launcher).

    Those that work run very well - the PB is a snappy device, but those that rely on a Google account won't generally work - Calendar is one I've struggled with. Gmail works well on Android native email app however.

    Can't answer any of the other q's I'm afraid.

    01-03-12 05:17 AM