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    Many of usif not all of uswho use kobo on our Playbooks have suffered from the current problems with said application. It is now an issue going into week three

    While the work around I have adamantly been promoting has worked successfully 100%... for the majority of usI believeit has not been a perfect solution for all of us.

    Some of us in the process of initiating this work around have discovered that some of the books we have previously purchased have gone missing from the Kobo site and cannot be re-downloaded to our Playbooks for one reason or another.

    I havent heard of a single user who has gotten any viable help from Kobo either on a work around to the app crash or the subject of lost books. So I decided it was a damn good idea that I find a way to protect my investments.

    So hear we go

    Step by Step

    If you go looking for your books either in Playbook or on your desktop you wont find them. Not a good thing. So in order to protect your books you need to get them into a format and folder you can access on your computer without relying on Kobo. Follow the steps below.

    1) You will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions to your computer. (Free)

    2) Now you must log into your online Kobo account via computer.

    3) Navigate to My Library.

    4) You should now find yourself on the I Am Reading page of your library.

    5) Next to each of the books listed there you should see a blue tab that reads Adobe DRM ePUB

    (All of my books have this tab. I am not sure all books do.)

    6) Double click on this tab and you will be prompted to open or save the file. Note: the file title is a generic title. Not the book itself but rather a link to the book which os why you need Adobe Digital Editions.

    7) Click save and when prompted.

    If you are going to save more than one bookcreate a folder with the books title. As I indicated above the link has a generic title. I tried changing the title and it just caused problems hence the creation of a folder with the books title.

    (You may not need to create this folder if elect to open the file when prompted as opposed to saving it.)

    8) Open the folder and double click the link. This will launch Adobe Digital Editions then download the book itself and add the book to the library folder for Adobe Digital Rights Editon and corresponding pain in the app itself.

    9) You will now be able to find your books in the Documents folder in the My Digital Editions subfolder.

    10) At this stage you have succeeded only in protecting your book purchase by downloading a formatted and DRM protected book that you can find on your PC.

    You will only be able to read the book on your desktop with a reader that supports Adobe DRM ePUB bookssuch as Adobe Digital Editions.

    Why take this step?

    Should the book you purchase be removed from the Kobo website, should your Kobo app crash or for any other reason you are not be able to access your book through Kobo you wont lose the book or your financial investment.

    DRM removal and Reading on Playbook or Other Devices

    Now we are getting to a touchy and potentially dangerous subject.

    While I have been happy to pursue a campaign of actively helping people here at crackberryon kobos Facebook Page on twitterand Kobos Phone based support (giving them the work around) I rather suspect I have been a bit of a thorn in Kobos side. Some Playbook users have given them a lot of crap for not coming up with a solution or work around themselves.

    While I dont mind being a bit of a thorn in their sideif that is the caseI would prefer avoiding potential legal action by providing everyone with specifics on how to remove DRM from your books. However I can tell you that there is a wealth of information on this process already in the public domain.

    There are a number of methods for accomplishing this including both free and paid applications. I have come across one application already and tried it on one book. It costs $35.00 and I have only used it once on a trial basis. I will hold off on buying and using it further until or if Kobo completely drops the ball on me one day.

    Remember I now have a library of formatted ePUB books I can find and access on my PC without having to use any kobo applications.

    If you are interested in this subject you merely need to Google the subject of removing DRM from eBooks.

    There is also available an application called Calibre that allows you to manage ebooks.

    One of its wonderful features is that it allows you to reformat books so you can read them on various devices. I am assuming this is only possible with unprotected books but am not sure of this. I havent played with it myself but have been to its website and watched the demo video.


    I am adamantly opposed to distributing copyrighted material for free over the internet...regardless of the medium. I have 900 music titles on my PCall of them paid for.

    I am an artist myself and while I would love to see humanity embrace the tenants of its most noble faiths thus creating paradise here on earth it isnt going to happen in my lifetimenor probably yours. In the meantime I have to pay my bills and for health caredont get me going on the latter. In many ways very many wayscapitalism really sucks, however it is apparently one lesser of evils humanity is capable of living with.

    For the sake of this issue I am merely defending my right to protect and access the books I have paid good money forregardless of the device I am using. After all if I buy a paperback I can read it with which ever pair of glasses I use.

    This issue with Kobo has served to underscore just how vulnerable we all are to the competence of those who hold the power of our finances and acquisitions in their hands. I for one have never considered humanity as a whole a particularly competent species. Can you say, Global Financial Crisis?

    Please exercise good judgment and some integrity in the handling of DRM issuesof whatever medium. Someones livelihood may depend on it

    Ill see you my fellow ebook readers in heavenone dayif I manage to get there
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    I finally figured out how to restore the missing books I had from Kobo.

    In my list of purchased books on their website I selected the books that I could no longer access, and then clicked "bookmark". It moved the books back into my "I'm reading" category and I now have access to them.
    11-20-11 03:52 PM