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    Need some help from someone with a Storm 2 bridging with the Playbook. I have purchased both File Browser and My File Manager but can't read any files on my sd card. Both developers have done all they can to assist but short of seeing it firsthand, they are unable to re-create the issue.

    My sd card is not encrypted, my IT manager indicates they have no blocks on the BB server. I open the bridge using the Bridge Files application prior to entering either file browser.

    For My File Manager, I get a pop up window that says "if you did not see bridged files here if you have connected to Blackberry Bridge, please open any bridged app (Bridge Files, Contact, Clanedar, Mesages, etc) then come back again and tap refresh icon". I do this and refresh and get the same pop-up window.

    For File Browser, I get a screen message that says "No files in this folder".

    I have reformatted the sd card thinking this might be an issue and it was not. I have deleted, rebooted and reloaded Blackberry Bridge to no avail.

    So, trying to find out the following:
    1) Is this an OS5 issue?
    2) Is this an Storm 2 issue?
    3) If someone has a Storm 2 working with one of these 2 file browers, what are your memory settings for the sd card?

    Here is to hoping someone can give me a few other paths to follow to get this working. Thanks in advance.

    The Hankster
    06-15-11 07:55 AM
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    I have both file managers and they both access the SD card on my Storm 2. My File Manager seems to be a little quicker about it though. The other day I used it to transfer two pictures over and it worked fine. Anyway, I'll help if I can, I just don't know what you're asking about in regards to the "memory settings for the SD card".
    06-15-11 09:02 AM
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    Under Options/Memory, what are your settings for the following:

    Media Card Support
    Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
    Mass Storage Mode Support:
    Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode when connected:

    Again, appreciate the help!

    The Hankster
    06-15-11 09:21 AM
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    Yesterday I noticed something very odd. I was in File Browser and was open to the documents folder on the pb. I was also checking out something using wifi-sharing. As I navigated around the folder and copied a file, I noticed File Browser changed what was showing. So there was some interaction when I was referencing stuff using wifi-sharing.

    I also know that if the phone is plugged into usb, then I get locked out of bridging as I would on the phone itself using the media manager.
    06-15-11 09:43 AM
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    Under Options/Memory, what are your settings for the following:

    Compression: Enabled
    Media Card Support On
    Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Off
    Mass Storage Mode Support: On
    Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode when connected: Prompt

    Again, appreciate the help!

    The Hankster
    No problem. if you need more info, I'll do what I can.
    06-16-11 09:33 AM
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    Appreciate the response. One setting was different. You have media transfer protocol off and I had it on. However changing it did not resolve the issue. I have checked with our IT group and they do not have any restrictions placed on the server that would prevent access to my sd card on the Storm 2. So, next area is security on the phone. Would anyone be willing to share their settings for the following found under
    Securty Options/Encryption:
    Encryption Disable/Enabled?

    I noted under the Firewall setting, mine shows enabled and greyed out with a lock. Appears to be set by my IT group. Think this is prohibiting me from access the file contents on my sd card? Thanks.

    The Hankster
    06-16-11 03:09 PM
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    Mine is disabled. Wish I had more to contribute.
    06-16-11 07:17 PM
  8. hankster1988's Avatar
    My IT folks said the firewall setting is not controlled by them. Does anyone use a Verizon Storm2 who can verify if their setting is set to Enabled? Thanks.

    The Hankster
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    06-16-11 08:49 PM
  9. Archer_FKA's Avatar
    Having the same issue with my Bold 9650 with Blackberry 6 OS.

    Seeing the SD Card, but it appears empty. However in Bridge Files, it is clearly not.
    06-21-11 08:46 AM