1. diruocco's Avatar
    I bought real soccer 2011 tonight and i was downloading it. it got to 143 mb of 159 and then it gave me the error code 00007 and it said failed to install. I tried it about 3 times and it always gave me the same thing.

    I tried to restart my playbook and give it another go and when i restarted by playbook, it wasn't in my uninstalled area. So that means that it got charged on the credit card and i didn't even get the app.

    And it works fine to download other apps.
    06-07-12 10:52 PM
  2. diruocco's Avatar
    alright so i managed to get it back in my uninstalled section by hitting the refresh
    06-07-12 10:55 PM
  3. diruocco's Avatar
    nvm fixed it
    06-07-12 11:05 PM