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    Is it just me or Adobe Reader doesn't open any PDF files at all. It freezes just before trying to open any PDF files in 'books' folder. When I bought my PlayBook (two previous version before OS and it used to work just perfect. AMAIZING, I can tell. Is there a solution, fix or a previous version I could use. Thank you

    I've already done a research in the forum but I didn't find any useful help.
    03-09-12 09:33 PM
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    I have PDFs and it opens them for me. Are you using AIR Browser to browse your file system and open PDF files, or are you going through the Adobe Reader app?
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    03-10-12 01:36 AM
  3. emtanez_2's Avatar
    Before upgrading to (1.0.X.XXXX) it used to work perfect to me. Opened each PDF files I have. But since I restored to default settings with the new OS 2.0 (Default) I've got the same error. Any PDF file opens with Adobe Reader. I can't use AIR Browser, I got an error 0003-0005 while trying to download. Is there any way to downgrade from OS 2.0? Maybe it works :/ Thanks for your help and opinions.
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    03-10-12 03:17 AM
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    Just when you thought that app couldn't have gotten any more useless!!! lmao

    Anyhow I have always used the air browser. Never had any problems with using it to open pdf's.
    03-10-12 06:25 AM