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    Just thought I'd share a cool use I found for Print 2 Go for you fellow console gamers out there. My PS3 is down in my home theater. I have several rather extensive game titles that require a small forest worth of paper notes for game guides. (Yeah that's right Skyrim, I'm looking at YOU!) Usually I hunt for game guides on my PC because it's faster and easier to long info hunting sessions do that on a PC then on my PB.

    Now with Print 2 Go, I no longer need to log into websites where those game guides are. Nor do I need to print paper copies to keep near me. All I do now is snip the section of a website that has info I want for any game, paste it into a new document (with original formatting, bold titles, colors etc) and send it to my PB as a nice easy readable pdf doc using P2G. It's made my meta-gaming life soooo much easier. No need to save bookmarks, log into websites, save pieces of webpages, etc etc. You just highlight and copy the part of the webpage that has the info/game guide/whatever that you want, paste it into a Word document, and hit P2G. It automatically saves to your PB, no need to keep the copy you just made on your PC

    Now all of my game notes for all of my games are in a nice tidy little collection of docs on my PB
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    Good idea! I use it for reading manuals etc. for work. Fantastic feature!
    03-07-12 09:50 PM
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    You can Print2Go directly from a web page too. Works well, I tested it with an online recipe on my gf's PB last night.

    Obviously for ad-heavy webpages or guides where you don't need all the info, copying and pasting into a new doc would work better but this can cut out the extra step in some cases.
    03-07-12 10:30 PM