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    So I got to thinking about a poker game on the Playbook. I don't own one so I don't know if there is one out there yet. I don't know if the one that I have in mind is possible. They could easily make on where you can play against computers, or against other people over the network. But what about playing with people when they are really close. Say you wanted to be the dealer and you had 3 friends with a Playbook and the game open. You sit like you would around a poker table but instead of cards in front of you you have your PB. You being the dealer would hit shuffle on the deck of cards, it auto shuffles. Then to deal you swipe off the top card in the direction of the person you want to deal the cards to. For the chips you could select the amount you want to bet and swipe off the playbook and the amount bet would show on everyones playbook. I don't know how difficult this would be, it would be a NFC sorta thing and I can't even remember if the PB has that built in. I don't mind if you think this is a bit crazy because even I think it is. But maybe that's how you have to think to make things to attract more people to the PB. Sure you could play with a deck of cards but I think this would be pretty cool, even if you aren't into poker that much.

    What's everyone think, feel free to call me crazy or say its dumb. Anything you would add/change?

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    05-26-11 05:14 AM
  2. dkingsf's Avatar
    I think it would work. But rather than NFC, perhaps WiFi connected with identity of each playbook via the PIN? Each could request seat at table and dealer could allow/disallow.
    05-26-11 06:41 AM
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    THK Live, made by Magmic, has an app like this for Blackberry. They tweeted awhile ago asking about interest in the PB. Its not an nfc or anything like that but you play live against people around the world.
    05-26-11 06:57 AM
  4. exzibit3's Avatar
    I dunno bout you but I think it would be cool if you can use the down swipe towards you to slowly peek at your hole cards and when you let go, it goes back to being face down. A quick double swipe up would fold the hand.

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    05-26-11 03:36 PM