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    Ok - so last night I got notification that I had a 6MB download waiting - which turned out to be 2 Apps. Podcast and Slacker Radio - both unavailable in Australia up to that point. The notification and info was flashing on the Bridge icon on the very top line of the PB screen. Meaning, in my thinking, that the download must have been BIS connected in some way .... not wifi connected like the PB App World is.

    Interestingly, when I'm bridged I get the catalogue showing when I open the Podcast app ... and whilst I can open the various apps displayed I then don't seem to be able to access any more info about the podcast displayed.

    However .... when I've got wifi open then the message I get is that I'm unable to access the catalogue in my region!!!

    further ... the apps I tried to look at when I was on Bridge, and couldn't get to fully open out, are sitting on the top pull down screen and can be accessed fully whilst in wifi mode!

    Mmmm ..... any clues?

    (I'm in Australia and up until last night when this download appeared did not have Podcast as part of PB App World or pre loaded with any OS version)
    04-27-12 03:03 AM
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    If you haven't restarted since that update then do so.
    I have never heard of any kind of notification on the bridge icon up top. Could it have been next to it? I think that is where the update notification pops up.
    Maybe the PB sees your phone in a different region then wifi.
    There could also be a mix up with RIM. Perhaps they allowed the app but not the content. A phone call might clear it up.
    04-27-12 06:07 AM
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    The BlackBerry does not access internet directly, it does it via a NOC, a server that compresses and encrypts the information. That server is in the US, Canada, UK and a few other places where you could use Podcasts fully.

    So while Bridged, the Podcasts app thinks you're in the NA and unlocks all features.

    Most apps can't make use of Bridge's internet, so if you open them, they will sit there, waiting for data. Or Bridge's speeds aren't enough and the app will only load half the content and then quit.
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    04-27-12 06:14 AM