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    Please would someone sign this Mapydroyd BR for me...I have battled to get that part of the process working !

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

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    10-29-11 10:57 AM
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    10-29-11 11:57 AM
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    Thank you very much !!!

    10-29-11 07:09 PM
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    Thank you very much !!!

    Gail, does it work? If so, this would be huge! The first GPS mapping app that works on Playbook without the need for a network connection to download map data, right?

    The reason I'm asking instead of just trying it myself is that Megaupload says the signed file is temporarily unavailable.. So I can't download it myself. Bummer! Can you post the signed BAR file again?
    10-30-11 08:48 AM
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    Holy crap! It's working! This is huge, Gail!

    I'm downloading maps now for the close states I travel in regularly.. Hope it works well!
    10-30-11 08:56 AM
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    Thank you very much !!!

    Can say for sure that it works and it works pretty well! Downloaded about 200MB of maps to cover the states of the US Southeast I travel in and I can turn off wifi and bridge and still crank it up and and see myself on the map with no problem! Now we need one that has a solid POI database or lets you search for addresses or both..

    Very nice find, Gail!

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    10-30-11 09:11 AM
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    if it works please share in the ongoing list that was created here:


    submition form is here:

    alot of people could use this app but many nolonger check the forums for apps they always check the database above.

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    10-30-11 10:38 AM