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    I sideloaded the Medscape app, and it won't work properly. I registered a name and signed into it, and it keeps going to the install screen, downloading, and installing, and after the first step, goes back to the Medscape loading screen, than right back to the install screen, over and over again. NOW, whenever I try and use any app at all that is associated with the Android app loader, Medscape keeps popping up and doing the same thing, I can't use any other apps. I can't get rid of it! Plugged my PB into my PC, and tried to delete everything Medscape, and it still happens. Please help!
    02-23-12 12:01 PM
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    did you try 3 button reboot?
    02-23-12 12:19 PM
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    If Medscape screwed up some system files you may need to security wipe and reload the OS... We are going to see a lot of this.... People should really wait to find a way to root your playbook as it bypasses a lot of the blocks RIM has put in place.... Andoroid should be more stable then....

    Remember RIM does not want us to sideload apps....... just because it is Android does not mean it will work............
    02-23-12 12:20 PM
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    I did try the reboot...several times. =( Thanks for the help, wanted to avoid doing a wipe, but I guess I don't have a choice.
    02-23-12 12:25 PM
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    This is what I did to remove a faulty app that was freezing up my Android player. Follow the directions in the 5th post of this thread here: http://forums.crackberry.com/android...app-pb-663741/

    I don't know if this removes all traces of the app, but it removes it from "Recently Opened Applications" so you can open other working Android apps again in your player. Remember to first remove the app from your home screen by touching it for a second and then removing it via the usual garbage can method, before you remove it using Settings.bar, or the app may come back to freeze your player once more. Good luck!
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    02-23-12 12:29 PM
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    That worked, thank you so much!
    02-23-12 12:55 PM
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    No problem! In my case it was the TubeMate bar that locked up my Android player. It was horrid. Dictionary.com bar wouldn't load either. Maybe it would be helpful to compile a list of bar files which don't work properly or freeze the app player to save people the grief of having to uninstall them.
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    02-23-12 01:12 PM
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    I'm not sure what version OS you have. I'm using .6149 dingled with android market. I sideloaded Medscape (http://bbthemesx.com/243-bar-files-t...your-playbook/). Then I updated through Google Play (market). It works pretty well.
    03-29-12 02:18 AM