1. jojolox929's Avatar
    A few problems:
    1. I downloaded COMICS from app world so I can read my comics (.cbr files). I loaded them on from desktop manager and they dont show up on my playbook. I use Files and Folders and AIR Browser and dont see the files.

    2. Also uploaded mp3s and they show up in my music media section but arent found in either FnF or AIRbrowser.

    Any 1 help??
    11-30-11 05:08 AM
  2. Innovatology's Avatar
    In which folder did you store the files?

    Do the file- or foldernames start with a period (dot)? If so, they are considered hidden. You can opt to show hidden files in the Files & Folders settings.

    Have you tried using the Search option in Files & Folders? Go up to the /accounts/1000/shared folder, tap the magnifying glass, enter part of a filename and tap Search Subfolders. It will scan all the subfolders under the current one, looking for your files.

    Which OS & app version are you running?
    11-30-11 07:17 AM