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    I have recently bought a Blackberry Playbook and on the whole pretty pleased with my purchase. I installed the Wordpress App as I have a self hosted blog.
    I have been playing round with some test uploads to see how it handles especially with the images. I notice in the settings here is a maximum default size of 1000 pixels wide with 2 additional options 1) link to image 2) Link to scaled image where you specify a size.

    I have noticed if I tick link to scaled image it uploads 2 images. 1 at 1000 pixels and another at 1024 pixels wide (size I specified the scale to be0 . It produces the desired effect with the lightbox but why does it upload 2 images?

    Whenever I send a photo from my Torch it only sends 1 picture which is automatically scaled to 1024 pixels during the upload which is perfect. This in turn worked perfectly with the lightbox.

    I don't really want to fill my domain with loads of duplicate images just to get the lightbox working.

    Does any have any suggestions or information which could help?

    10-19-12 07:45 AM

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