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    I'm considering dingleberrying my playbook to be able to add android capabilities but im wondering how does a playbook with android apps differ from a android tablet with android apps? im aware that all android phones and tablets use a google product to connect to the web and certainly many different android apps want a variety of permissions and that many of those apps send background data even they aren't running which basically means you really don't have much of any privacy or know exactly whats being sent.

    When this new google privacy kicks in Google will know more about you than your partner, it will give google full access to app data on android tablets and phones how does this affect the playbook?

    One may assume because the playbook runs on a different o.s that Google aka Skynet(terminator movie reference) may not be able too read that data but i dont know for sure.

    I guess my questions are

    1. Will google have full access to my playbook when the new policy kicks in?
    2. Does giving android apps permissions allow the app the access they do on a android o.s?
    3. Even when background data is turned off on android some background data is still being sent, will battery draining background data be sent?
    4. Should i just wait until blackberry gets its Shi*t together and hooks up more apps?
    Shelly Palmer: Google = Skynet... Yikes!
    02-13-12 08:51 PM