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    Anybody with me on this?

    There's a plethora of basic checklist apps - most of which look like someones first "hello world" app.

    Theres Conqu - Pretty slick but VERY tied to GTD and the developers vision of how tasks should be managed. The task details are buried in sub-menus and views. Almost to much work to get things done quickly. Its a nice app and works well for some, it's just based on one specific way of task management.

    Task memo has potential - its pretty quick to add and view tasks. It lacks pro features like fully custom categorization, priority setting, sync to desktop, etc. In the developers defense, he replied to an email I sent with these requests and said he may consider a pro version, but who knows when that would be. A couple of reviews indicate a few useability bugs to work out in the current version.

    Native bridged task app.... uh... please. No sorting, categories, etc. Its one step above using memos. The only saving grace is it's synced with my Berry and Outlook. Like their phone task app, RIM has made less than a token effort on this one.

    What is needed IMHO is:
    - The normal task item fields:
    - Description
    - Priority
    - Category
    - Due date
    - Reminder
    - Note
    - Sorting / filtering by any field except note
    - Sync off the device either with the cloud, desktop, or phone.
    - Fast entry. An electronic task list shouldn't take quadruple the time of just writing a task down on paper.

    I use TaskMaster on my Storm and, while basic, has the basic features listed above. I am, however, hoping for something along the same idea for PlayBook as it would really shine.

    Am I alone?
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    05-19-11 11:58 PM
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    I agree that the existing task apps are seriously bad. I do like Conqu for its GTD implementation, but since the developer wont make a BB phone version, that one is off my list. I'm hoping that MyLifeOrganized comes to the PlayBook, although I doubt it will.
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    I am trying hard as well to find something that makes sense for my to do list for the many thinks that life throws and obviously work is the hardest part to organize because there are so many options, I agree taskmemo has potential, it think i will start with that for now and hope I can make it work


    PB64, 9780
    05-20-11 12:45 PM
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    I use Task in Outlook daily and it's by far way better than Conqu. Much more powerful. Outlook syncs with my BB phone which then bridges to my PB. The only thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to filter the tasks so that they show my daily tasks instead of ALL the tasks in alphabetical order. There's got to be a way.
    01-31-12 06:23 PM
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    Any good apps that could be ported from android market?
    01-31-12 07:18 PM
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    Due Today or PocketInformant.

    Due Today is already ported to a PlayBook bar file here.
    02-01-12 04:12 AM
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    just a few hours ago i got a feedback from MLO Support:

    Hello Markus,
    We have such plans but release terms are not defined yet.
    Please post your comments here to make all people see them and vote:
    General: Top (203 ideas)
    Thank you!

    Im going to add the request at uservoice, so everybody who is looking forward for this,
    please particpate and vote for it.
    There you go: --> heres the link to the request:
    RIM - ported MLO version

    02-02-12 05:33 AM
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    I'm TOTALLY with you on this! The playbook needs a pro task manager. One of the reasons I wanted the playbook is to manage my tasks on it getting away from my laptop and the small screen of the bb.
    BHive Tasks makes the best task manager for the bb imo... fast, great search, multiple task entry, filters, ability to view projects and tasks, and most importantly syns bak to microsoft outlook.. I've also used RoleCall Tasks which I also liked..

    BHive Tasks is a top notch productivity tool that seamlessly integrates with your native tasks applications to not only deliver much needed functionality but reduces the number of steps when entering or filtering through tasks as well.

    I think there's a big opportunity for these developers to produce a task app for the playbook that a lot of people are wanting right now.. I'm also curious as to why rim would release a task app with no sorting based on dates...
    02-22-12 07:43 AM