1. missing_K-W's Avatar
    Will the NDK allow an ease of porting ios and Android (native) app's to the Playbook and future BBX devices?

    The current, and especially future NDK tools seem very powerful....I'm expecting big things!
    10-28-11 10:16 AM
  2. brucep1's Avatar
    no chance of ios
    10-28-11 10:20 AM
  3. samab's Avatar
    If you code in Apple's objective c then it would be more difficult to port to other platforms because nobody else embrace objective c.

    If you code in standard ISO c/c++ then it will be much easier to port to other platforms --- that's why game engines (which are designed to run from pc's to game consoles to smartphones) are coded in standard ISO c++.
    10-28-11 10:37 AM
  4. s219's Avatar
    Good developers do not get stuck on language differences (if they do, they won't last a decade in this business). So whether it's C or Obj-C isn't a big deal. The bigger problem, regardless of language on any platform, is how the code ties into the native SDK on each platform. If I am calling functions and subroutines specific to a platform's SDK, then it can be an issue going to *any* language on any other platform, whether it's the same language or a different one.

    Large portions of Apple's SDK are based on C (for example, CoreGraphics), but the C part is irrelevant when porting to other platforms. The relevant part is whether or not there are equivalents to the SDK calls. The tough part with porting iOS apps is that Apple has a very rich SDK, many parts reaching back to OS X and earlier. Most other mobile platforms don't have an SDK nearly as deep, so the developer will have to write custom code in many cases, to replace what was an API on iOS.

    Games use C/C++ because that's the standard for OpenGL, period. It has nothing to do with portability (that technology road started long before people even envisioned smartphones with GPUs). OpenGL games tend to port very easily just because they use little or no custom UI elements or SDK calls.
    10-28-11 12:37 PM
  5. papped's Avatar
    Odds are most multiplatform games will use the marmalade sdk, since it supports all the platforms.

    Otherwise, unless you're a big developer (EA) I doubt they are going to port to the NDK from scratch.
    10-28-11 12:39 PM
  6. samab's Avatar
    Numerically, games represent the largest portion of the iphone/ipad app ecosystem. So porting those will be important. All the high end 3D games on the Playbook that were released in the last month --- aren't available on the Android platform (but they are being announced/released on the Xperia Play simulatenously as the Playbook announcement/release).

    I agree that the degree of the API richness is going to be very important --- which is the reason why RIM has begun to port a bunch of open source API's (like Qt) to the QNX platform. But much work still lies ahead to port more stuff to the QNX in order to give developers the pieces needed on this platform.
    10-28-11 01:32 PM