1. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    Would anyone here be interested in a MUD?

    For those who do not know, a MUD is a massively multiplayer online text adventure. It features most of the featured of modern mmorpg's, it just uses the most powerful graphics card of all: your imagination!

    Enough being cheesy, would anyone play it? I would be taking users from the forums for staff, and creating it around the wishes of the playbook community.

    I would host it on my server, and leave the options open for donating for server costs.

    However, I do not want to spend the resourves if no one will play it, so honest opinions, please.
    02-22-12 05:49 PM
  2. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    I would play. I would even pay if it were a paid app (although if it were that would likely reduce the number of players, making the multiplayer aspect kind of crippled). Need any beta testers?
    02-22-12 06:43 PM
  3. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    When it comes time, if I go ahead with it, likely.

    I may charge a fee for the client, but there will probably be no subscription for the game.
    02-22-12 07:04 PM
  4. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    So is this something anyone would play? Should I spend time on it?
    02-23-12 07:19 PM
  5. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    So is this something anyone would play? Should I spend time on it?
    I would play for sure.
    02-23-12 07:22 PM
  6. stephaneldugas's Avatar
    As long as i dont have to wait 12 hours in front of campfire to get fishbone earing so i do not lose my spawn of hadden mob while i have to go take leak
    02-23-12 08:17 PM
  7. jtokarchuk's Avatar
    That sounds. An awful lot like the rantings of a wow player lol
    02-23-12 08:40 PM