1. yppat's Avatar
    I finally got around to incorperating my email and facebook with the Playbook Messages app. Iwas wondering if there was anyway to password protect it so other family members who also have access to the PB could be prevented from just going into the app and reading my messages.

    08-05-12 10:00 PM
  2. yppat's Avatar
    After a bit of research, it looks like this is not possible.
    08-06-12 08:53 PM
  3. ridesno159's Avatar
    Not sure if you have a BlackBerry phone, but this is why I love Bridge between the phone and the PlayBook. Simply disconnecting the Bridge connection and all emails, and contact information are gone off the PlayBook.

    This exact reason is why I never added my email to the PlayBook. I couldn't care less about any of the PIM apps.
    08-06-12 09:20 PM