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    Doesn't the blackberry smartphone have drm built in?

    If I am correct the media and memory card encryption on the smart phones automatically encrypts/decrypts the files on the fly. It also changes their extension to .rem. Also, isn't the file still encrypted when taken off the phone?

    Why isn't this just implemented into the playbook?

    When the files are taken off the playbook the user is prompted to enter in their Blackberry ID details and the backup is encrypted by the PLAYBOOK using a random encryption key. That random encryption key is stored in an online database,tied to the Blackberry ID and always replaces any existing key. When the user wants to restore the files to a playbook, they are prompted to enter in their Blackberry ID login details and the key that was stored in the database is used to decrypt the backup using the playbook while it's in transit to the playbook.

    What does everyone think about this?

    I believe it sounds pretty secure. This would count as One-time pad because the attacker would not know what kind of encryption functions where performed on the file and they would not know the key to decrypt the file since its randomly created. The only possible way I see to break this kind of protection would be if they root the playbook and do some dirty work.
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