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    I do a lot of online racing iRacing (if you love to race fast and clean) tell them I sent you, I get idollars that way , I have a very nice motion setup I lovingly call my Holy Shrine. I'm wanting to know if its possible to use my PB as a touch screen to emulate a mechanical button box which nearly all of us drivers use to select certain functions while racing as in pit stop strategies, lap times, telemetry, etc, etc.. There are a couple of programs out there that will work using a few different types of touch screen lcd's. Touch Buddy is one, and one called Glovepie, Which I currently use as a voice command program for certain functions while racing. Would I need a custom built app to be able to create the buttons on screen in the certain places to match up with Erics templates?

    Sorry for the rough video. I shot that with my webcam a while back, and will be redoing it shortly with my new PB in HD . And no making fun of the old semi bald, guy. Racing keeps me out of the hooter houses muhahahahaah

    Would something like iDisplay work? I run my 3 monitors off of a single DVI-I output to a Digital Triple Head to go box. My video card (evga 295GTX) has 2 dvi-i, and one hdmi outputs. I dont know if I can use my micro hdmi-hdmi cable from the video card to the PB and not smoke it hehehe. Then sideload this app.
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