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    I am interested in people's opinions of what YOU feel are "MUST HAVES" APPS that need to come to the Playbook with OS2 or soon after.

    I am anxiously awaiting the update just to have the calendar, contact & email. I chose the Playbook because it was a great deal & the CNET Review made it clear that the multi-tasking was the best out there. I mostly use my Playbook for Social Media, News, & SOON my email, todo list, calendar. I will admit that even though I am frustrated with the lack of free apps I understand that it takes time to get these ready for a new OS & platform, so I am trying to be patient.

    However, I have a wish list of Apps, most of which I currently use DAILY on my iPod touch and want to know what some of you would like to see. I don't have a BB phone so a TEXTING app would be GREAT!

    This is a WISH LIST. I mean, I am not trying to cause a ruckus, just need some ideas. My wife has a Kindle Fire & everyday she gets a FREE APP of the DAY. It might be a game or a LITE version of some app, but that's an awesome little extra.

    Obviously, there is no point in me listing the Native Apps that will be coming out with the OS2 (Mail, Calendar, Contacts). I am sure that BLACKBERRY BRIDGE is great for people with BB Phones, but what about the rest of us?

    This list is in order of what I think would be GREAT apps, not shortcuts to have on an amazing piece of hardware.

    Dolphin Web Browser *(in my opinion one of the best mobile browsers out there) or an Opera Browser option?
    Skype or a "FACE TIME" kind of app for video conferencing
    Netflix (MUST GET) (EPIXHD & CRACKLE are nice but quite limited)
    Amazon Prime - for existing Amazon Prime customers
    HULU & HULU +
    A Full Twitter app
    Yahoo Messenger &/or LIVE MESSENGER * (Digsby or Imo)
    Kindle/Nook Reader (Kobo is nice, but limited)
    Four Square or YELP!
    IMDB (I know that there's a link on the BEST OF WEB)
    ESPN (I like the Score App - But a FULL ESPN App is a better option. It can be customized)
    NFL (Team Specific)
    MLB (Team Specific)
    NPR NEWS (Although, NEWS 360 is a GREAT APP!!!)
    Google Suite *(Google +, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Music, Docs, Earth, Picassa, Blogger)
    Soundhound or Shazzam
    (Maybe a Quicktime Movie Player) - for movie trailers *
    Better Barcode Scanner
    BBM for NON BB Phone users or A FREE TEXTING APP
    NY Times
    Remember the Milk
    Word Press Blogging
    Sticky Notes

    How about:
    FREE versions of the most popular games - Angry Birds -*$4.99?? REALLY?!, Cut the Rope, Godfinger, Plants vs Zombies, Words with Friends, Yathzee, Scabble, UNO, Defragger. Jenga....

    What else can you think of? From what I've gathered most people on here are excellent sources of information... Help me out. Maybe RIM will listen. Also, does anyone have any ideas as to how these would come to fruition?

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    Check the formatting (your bullet points). I believe you missed the "list" word in the end. Your list is unreadable.
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    Anyway, I am not a big app person, but I am nevertheless hoping to see Skype. If you also want Skype, join the Skype emailing campaign on February 1st (for whatever it's worth).
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    I am fairly indifferent to apps, especially when much of what I want can be done through the web browser. I wouldn't use Skype even if it was available; I used to wish for Kindle software, but Book Reader has satisfied my need for an e-reader. I would maybe use Netflix, but I'm not even a current subscriber.

    The following are the tools that I wish for on my Playbook:

    WeatherBug (or some other app that will show weather conditions on the main screen)

    That's pretty much my entire wishlist, and I can't say I'm frantic for any of them.
    01-26-12 10:34 PM
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    Check the formatting (your bullet points). I believe you missed the "list" word in the end. Your list is unreadable.
    I'm new at this forum so I thought that I did it correctly... I fixed it! THANKS!
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    The Free Weather App is great & it offers streaming music, Alarm Clock, traffic updates... I really like it.
    01-26-12 10:58 PM
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    Well, I've had an iPod touch for about 2 years and I love it. I use it all the time. I don't use a smart phone. I had a Palm Pro & was going to get the PRE with Web OS & am thankful that I didn't. If my job provided me with a BB phone, I'd use it. I gave mine up several years ago. I am Mac person for the most part & the Playbook was a gift because it was on sale & I couldn't justify paying $500 for an iPad. I use APPS a lot so I would love to see them on the Playbook. SKYPE is a MUST!!! Thanks!
    01-26-12 11:01 PM
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    I have pretty much all the apps I need already. With that said I would like to see the TV apps either improve, thank you Orb for your app it is appreciated but could you update it for better viewing, or gain some competition. Where are you SlingMedia and Vulkano Flow. There's surely enough Playbooks on the market now for you to invest in QNX and release your apps.
    01-27-12 02:15 AM