01-27-12 06:02 PM
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  1. wms3's Avatar
    Sorry to read that. My PB does everything i want expect to play mkv video files. Other than that i'm very pleased. I hope future OS upgrades will fix the bluetooth issue and a file manager would be nice, but in no way do I regret the purchase
    04-23-11 02:25 PM
  2. dosto's Avatar
    Dropbox (with ability to sync files locally...like on computer)
    PDF Viewer (better than the one we have now)
    Gmail app would be nice
    Local File System app (ability to store/access docs locally)
    Google Voice
    Zoho CRM
    Twitter app
    Google chat
    Photo Bucket
    04-23-11 03:58 PM
  3. Mischief433's Avatar
    i have an odd app request, but i think it could be really cool.

    I would love to be able to live stream over wifi the video camera from the playbook back to my mac and have my mac recognize it as a usb web cam. The reason i want it is i work doing live video mixing for concerts and events and the program i use can have video feeds brought in, so i could be roaming the crowd with my playbook and it would be streaming directly to the tvs.

    I know it's a long shot, but i think there are a few uses for it.

    The other app i would love is a WIFI midi controller app like the iphone.
    04-23-11 04:36 PM
  4. mscooley's Avatar
    Blackberry Protect
    Blackberry Travel
    Twitter for BB
    Google Voice

    Ok, I'm done.
    04-26-11 09:54 AM
  5. trsbbs's Avatar
    1. Remote desk to to Windows machine. (VNC)
    2. IHeartRadio
    3. Its own email client.
    4. OoVoo video conferencing. (Skype is to unsecure)
    5. Good Nexrad radar program. (BR,CR,VIL, BV,ET with storm attributes)Timely updates
    6. BeWeather (Berryweather) from Bellshare would be great.
    Thats about it.

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    04-26-11 10:14 AM
  6. Cleanton's Avatar
    A radio player where I can add manually my own radio stations.
    04-26-11 10:17 AM
  7. bacon.jay's Avatar
    I want a full-suite money manager and investment portfolio manager. Like Quicken, and TD Ameritrade's thinkorswim Application.

    Also, we need a good photo-editing/media arts application, like Photoshop or Gimp. Maybe even a basic 3D modeling application.

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    04-26-11 10:28 AM
  8. cgallaer's Avatar
    These apps would make my love for my Playbook even stronger...

    Chat client that consolidates different chat accounts into one location.
    BB Apps (Travel, Traffic, BBM) or at least Bridging to phone to access these apps.
    Bridging that allows call answering and faster loading of Bridge apps.
    Netflix app and Hulu support.
    Video Conferencing that works across platforms (playbook to iPhone/iPad, playbook to computer, etc).
    Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja (just to shut up the haters)
    Twitter app (either twitter, seesmic, tweetdeck). Because the web version of Twitter is awful.
    Photo/video uploader (like instagram for photos and something that makes posting photos and videos online easier).
    Uploading support from video and picture apps on Playbook.

    Not an app per se, but browser support for things like MLB so apps aren't required.
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    04-26-11 10:46 AM
  9. Pentarus's Avatar
    Twitter Client....
    04-26-11 10:52 AM
  10. Croused's Avatar
    I vote Viigo!
    04-26-11 11:20 AM
  11. zabzab's Avatar
    Food network please.

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    04-26-11 11:25 AM
  12. Khabarak's Avatar
    My Top 5:

    2. Reader that can sync with Google Reader feeds (Feedly?)
    3. Dropbox
    4. Netflix
    5. Bookmarks sync app (Xmarks?)

    Still haven't bought a PB yet, waiting to see if some of the above (especially Evernote) will be natively supported!
    04-26-11 11:37 AM
  13. bpeter's Avatar
    Evernote from the web works (not as an app loaded on the Playbook, but the from the web). I have accessed it several times to grab files/data/info.
    04-26-11 01:09 PM
  14. RescueCop's Avatar
    Support for .mkv video

    A file manager

    USB host mode

    Skype w/video support

    04-26-11 01:39 PM
  15. wadjaw's Avatar
    Support for .mkv
    Skype with video support
    MSN Live messenger with video chat
    Social Feeds
    04-26-11 02:47 PM
  16. mkmilan's Avatar
    - Categories for everything: icons, pics, videos, APPS !, etc (who wants to scroll continuously- even the ipad has categories you can set up for apps !!!)
    - QuickLaunch for Playbook: my #1 blackberry app !!!
    - Much better settings for the DocsToGo as per the smartphone versions
    - would love a system menu button for apps options as in smartphones
    (I'll think of more)
    04-26-11 03:13 PM
  17. Rubens's Avatar
    Wow... you guys have covered off a lot, nice list.

    I'd love to see a really good RSS feed reader.
    04-26-11 03:27 PM
  18. djrakowski's Avatar
    and some of my iOS favorites, including Magnificat, iPieta and Divine Mercy

    I could load the iOS on an iPod Touch, but I don't have access to WiFi at work, which is where I use them the most.
    04-26-11 03:42 PM
  19. editionfws's Avatar
    Rim sells a device that can turn your blackberry into a remote control for your tv. You put it in front of the tv and it runs though wifi. I would love to see that for the playbook!

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    04-26-11 04:02 PM
  20. hazenjonas's Avatar
    Twitter... the current available apps are rather lacking in features
    04-26-11 04:49 PM
  21. meyerink's Avatar
    A dedicated twitter app
    MLB at bat 2011
    04-26-11 06:49 PM
  22. Mobile7's Avatar
    1. Quickbooks!!
    2. Filezilla ftp
    3. Mobile Fax software
    4. Google Earth
    5. better pdf reader - i cant read 15 mb files
    6. Sheets to go - def a better copy than one provided
    7. Mind Map
    8. FIrst class shootem up games like wolfenstein, wolfenstein, halo
    9. Netflix and or movie/tv programming
    10. Sugar CRM customer management software

    that is only to name a few

    overall, more business programming!
    04-26-11 09:52 PM
  23. gordz's Avatar
    yes, desperately need on online collaboration, conferencing capability!!!!
    04-28-11 10:14 PM
  24. an_droid's Avatar
    1. Gmail app
    2. Google chat/talk (with video)
    3. Google voice
    4. Logmein

    If these apps were out for the playbook, I would buy one asap!
    05-04-11 06:56 PM
  25. Mattma43's Avatar
    TuneIn Radio App
    Gist for the Playbook
    05-04-11 07:59 PM
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