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    Hey guys just had this idea today, and hopefully alot of people will comment on this thread and share their playbook set up. What I mean by this is what apps do you guys use on a daily basis?? this is a great way for everyone to discover new apps that people are using so I'm going to start it of, and who knows maybe crackbery staff can share their favs apps as well

    Facebook- Pretty self explanatory, just another buggy fb app

    Blackbird- very nice twitter client, a mediocre design but is packed full of features, that us tweeters will love (funny story, I was actually meant to purchase the blaq twitter app but accidentally purchased this but i have not been disappointed so yh

    Gee reader-the best google Reader client on the playbook PERIOD. Full of good features, beautiful design and almost never crashes, plus it's free!!!

    Bluebox- one of the best dropbox clients I have used on any mobile platform, it simply gets the job done, I love cloud storage and can't imagine my life without it, and Bluebox just makes me love the cloud even more (I previously used box for cloud storage, but it does not allow you to download multiple files without upgrading which SUCKS!!)

    Air browser- a million times better than the built in file manager, which admittedly SUCKS. You can delete all types of files, keep track of all your files and it has a simplistic but beautiful design and it's free!!

    Zinio- Zinio Zinio Zinio!!! What more can I say about this beautiful app, I was praying everyday for this app to arrive and when it did, I jizzed uncontrollably, I love reading content on my playbook and magazines look fantastic on it, so what you still reading this for go get it!!!

    Evernote- my life now revolves around Evernote ever since I downloaded this app, it's is one of the most beautiful designed apps I have come across, and is one of the reasons why I literally fall asleep holding my playbook, if u want to take notes on your playbook then this is the best option!!

    Poynt- I have used this app many times to.plan days out with my girlfriend, it has many cinema listing's and can find any restaurant around, and for us REAL blackberry fans with blackberry phones, it can sync your information across your devices!!

    Silent noise- a very useful app to play if your having trouble sleeping, it plays beautiful ocean noises that just calm every bone in your body....great app go get it

    Cooklet- for us chefs out there this is a necessity, it has loads of different recipes that work really well, also the app is designed very well, I love this app!!

    Cut the rope- the reason why I have lost a weeks worth of sleep.

    Popcorn rush- now I can be a typical fanboy and say " oh u blackberry fanboyss don't even have fruit ninja all you have is popcorn rush which is a clone...oh oh and thorston heins is UGLY!!" but no. Now while it is similar to fruit ninja it is a very fun and addictive game go and get it!!

    Various gameloft games- nova 2, spiderman, modern combat, asphalt 6 and eternal legacy. All are great games and I have spent hours playing, and they really show off the graphical ability of this nifty little machine we call the playbook, anyway go and get them.

    And that's it folks, now keep in mind these are not all my apps on my playbook, just the ones I use daily, so I hope to see your playbook set ups soon (on a side note...I seriously cannot wait for sonic to arrive on our playbook I am definitely planning to loose sleep over that who's with me??)

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    05-06-12 07:27 AM
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    thanks for sharing your love to Cooklet )) New app is just around the corner, completely redesigned
    Here's just a litte sneak peek https://twitter.com/i/#!/CookletApp/...com%2FlWRnJwDc

    More info tomorrow, cheers!
    11-14-12 07:42 PM