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    I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my game, Pixel Idols, for their new PlayBook.

    I would also like to apologize for the performance of Pixel Idols on your shiny new tablet. It would best be described as "unplayable".

    I have just submitted an update for Pixel Idols (version 1.2) to App World. You should find that the game now runs much better than before and can actually be enjoyable!

    Soon, I will be updating Pixel Idols again to add tilt controls and to address some performance hitches.

    Pixel Idols: BlackBerry App World - Pixel Idols

    Thanks again.
    05-02-11 09:44 PM
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    Pixel Idols version 1.2 is now available in App World.

    Thanks again for your patience and please let me know of any bugs via support@pixelbraingames.com
    05-06-11 09:39 AM
  3. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    Your game caught my eye while I was browsing the app store but the reviews turned me off. I'll take you word for it and download the game right now and post my impressions.
    05-06-11 11:50 AM
  4. Rob Robertson's Avatar
    So I played it and got to the 4th level (each level has 10 waves and boss fight) on my first try. The game ran smoothly.

    No complaints about the controls and the game was quite fun. Nice work.
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    05-06-11 06:07 PM
  5. pixelbrain's Avatar
    Thank you sir.

    I will soon have a new version with tilt controls (although I am not sure how useful those will be compared to touch controls).

    I am also looking at my options for online leaderboards in future updates.

    Thanks again!
    05-06-11 06:26 PM