1. nazreil25's Avatar
    04-30-12 01:49 AM
  2. nazreil25's Avatar
    Does anyone had luck with pinch to zoom?
    04-30-12 02:11 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know about pinch/zoom but a tap will zoom but not very much.
    04-30-12 10:45 AM
  4. esDotDev's Avatar
    Glad you guys like it

    Playbook user's are the best! Seriously, you guys are what gave me all my initial success as a developer and let me continue to make cool apps.

    So even though I now port sell these on all Platforms, and Playbook is just a small portion of the income, I try to never forget or neglect the best user base on the planet!

    It looks like I broke Pinch To Zoom in the latest update though... will look into that
    04-30-12 05:19 PM
  5. iSin's Avatar
    I personally love PicShop so much. Glad you made those necessary changes, would love to have even more filters or overlays for the photo edits... Keep it up!
    04-30-12 06:41 PM
  6. lotuslanderz's Avatar
    Great app! I use it to trim/adjust photos before putting them into Scrapbook.
    04-30-12 08:01 PM
  7. mountainlab's Avatar
    Whew. I was worried that it was just my playbook where the pinch to zoom was broken.

    Hopefully there will be an update to fix this soon. It was one of those things that makes PicShop so awesome compared to its competition. The undo is fantastic too.

    Esdotdev, thank you for making this app. I was torn between this and touchup pro because touchup can stack effects and preview at the same time. But in practice, I prefer being able to control the effects a bit more, so the effects are more natural and not so heavy handed. It yields very beautiful results. And the depth of field effects are also a huge selling point.

    Again, look forward to the fix update.
    05-01-12 01:03 PM
  8. BKillar's Avatar
    Love the App - I often use it as the camera and do the editing on the fly. It would be nice to include an email function to the Sharing so I can email rather than FaceBook or Tweet.
    I can of course save and then attach but hey - why bother if the app can provide that function?

    Great UI - Great Functionality

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    05-01-12 03:11 PM
  9. sagec's Avatar
    Can it resize a pic?
    05-01-12 03:22 PM